Supporting your Local Cultural Icons – REMOTELY: It’s APRIL in East Texas!

April is here! As the weather warms up and spring flowers bloom, many East Texans are at home due to COVID-19 mandates. While not all of our fellow East Texans are ordered to “shelter in place,” etx creatives is aware of the likelihood that most will not be able to visit their favorite cultural destinations in person. Cultural hubs from art museums to theaters and concert venues have temporarily shut their doors to the public. Leaving countless creatives in East Texas without work or an opportunity to reach the public. However, some creatives have moved to a virtual presence and etx creatives encourages you to seek them out!

Do you have a favorite local band, museum or dance instructor? Seek them out online! Several local art museums and solo musicians have made their presence known virtually. Please share your findings with etx creatives on our Facebook, Instagram , or our Website so others may benefit.

Also please consider visiting Creative Capitol’s website ‘s list of national online arts events. Etx creatives hopes that resources like this will inspire you to contemplate similar opportunities in your community. What events are listed that you would like offered in East Texas? What steps do we take to ensure our local art and cultural district's presence traditionally or virtually?

Continue to check back with us each month. As we grow so will the list of events. Together we can make East Texas a fine arts district to rival any metropolitan area!

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