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It’s February in East Texas!

Nurturing CULTURAL DISTRICTS in East Texas! Does your community, town or city have an established cultural district? Many cultural districts across Texas’s metroplexes are thriving, so what can we do to ensure our small town art districts are booming? Here are some things to consider:

1. Arts and cultural initiatives can be easily added to or amplify a city’s developmental growth

and plans.

2. Cultural districts are proven to enhance and diversify communities. 

3. Art and culture programs offer a wide variety of benefits for both public and private entities. 

4. A complex and thriving district cannot be established nor successful without collective


Please read #4 AGAIN! To make an independent and thriving arts and culture district it takes collective support and maintenance. How can we achieve this in East Texas? Nacogdoches, Longview and Edom are a few of several communities in our area fostering creativity on a city-wide scale through festivals, art walks and gallery spaces. Located in Tyler is the Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas, a public charity whose mission is to provide education through after school programs to East Texas’s underserved youth. Is the key to a thriving East Texas wide Cultural District building center similar to Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Seattle or Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland? If so, where do you think this center should be located? What services should it offer? What do you as an East Texas creative need from your community? What does your community offer that you are grateful for? 

Please share a favorite organization, council or group of East Texas creatives that you are involved in on our website, Facebook or Instagram!

Together we can facilitate change, and together we can build a thriving arts and culture district for East Texas. 

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Your etx creatives Monthly Planner: February


PLAN AHEAD! May 2, 2020

3rd Annual Festival of Books

Winnsboro, Texas

PLAN AHEAD! Apr 25, 2020

Northeast Texas Writers’ Organization

2020 Time to Write Conference

The Jeffersonian Institute, Jefferson, Texas

Feb 8, 2020

Write it Out: Authorship 101

Gladewater, Texas

Feb 18, 2020

Between the Lines Journaling Club

Nacogdoches Public Library, Nacogdoches, Texas


Feb 7, 2020

Best of Broadway: Songs of Love

Grace Crossing United Methodist Church

Longview, Texas

Feb 13, 2020

Jazz Jam

ETX Brewing Company, Tyler, Texas

Feb 21, 2020

Rose City Arts and Music Festival

True Vine Brewing Company


Feb 11 or Feb 28, 2020

Longview Dance: Beginner Dance & Open Dancing

Stafford Wellness Center, Longview, Texas

Feb 29, 2020

East Texas PanHellenic Step Show

Louise Herrington Patriot Center

Tyler, Texas


Feb 14, 2020


Tyler Civic Theater, Tyler, Texas

Feb 22, 2020

Playwrighting Workshop

MKW Theatrical Consulting 

Tyler, Texas

Fine Art:

Feb 8, 2020

Arcadia SHOW TRE

Martin Walker, P.C., Downtown Tyler, Texas

Feb 21, 2020

KilGogh Arts Festival

Kilgore, Texas

Creative – Fun – Informative:

Feb 7-9, 2020

Rise of the Machines

Harvey Hall, Tyler, Texas

Feb 22, 2020

Beginner Water Color – Florals

The Crafty Fox

Tyler, Texas

Feb 28, 2020

Melodies of a Golden Age

Liberty Hall, Tyler, Texas

Make sure to check out the Edom Art Emporium for fun 2020 events!

Continue to check back with us each month. As we grow so will the list of events we come in contact with. Together we can make East Texas a fine arts district to rival any metropolitan area. 

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