Distances - ASG

     Our group formed a little over two years ago in 2018 while we were all studying at the University of Texas at Tyler. We established the “Art School Girl” with the intention of sharing exhibitions and other art opportunities and to keep each other accountable. Really early on we started noticing similarities in what we were making and how we were all working, which makes sense because we all were creating in the same spaces. We decided to expand what this group was, not only should we support each other’s individual careers, but we should work as a group and put on exhibitions. During the next year we were able to put on four shows, two in Tyler and two in Shreveport.

        Fast forward to the end of 2020 and things look a  little different. We now live and work in three different states. Willow is a graduate student at the University of Montana, while Lilah is working towards her masters with her husband Jamin at the University of Iowa. Joanna is teaching and has founded Studio 1905 in Tyler with her partner Jeff, were she now works. I (Jessica) finished graduate school in May and am setting up a home studio and working towards a career as a working artist.

        A word I keep coming to when I think of this group is distance. We now exist in completely different studios across the country, in different stages of career and life. All of our work has evolved and grown over the last two years and we have all had big changes in our lives, whether in Tyler or not. And we now live in a world where social distancing is the norm.

       It has been a little over a year since our last show and we are very excited that etx creatives has given us an avenue to bring our work together again. If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s the importance of community, wether you're an artist or not, but I believe artists are at their best and create their best in community. We hope you enjoy!