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Being a creative sometimes…well actually most of the time…means thinking outside of the box. When Fine Art students were polled at a local university, their primary concern centered around showing or exhibiting their art. Thinking generally art is exhibited in galleries or museums, business lobbies or courtyards, pop-up shows and exhibitions or at local colleges and cafes. What are some out-of-the-box locations? Whether you are a fine artist, musician, writer or freelance creative how can you reach a new audience? How can you engage the outlying East Texan and spark a new artistic minded conversation with them?

Etx creatives came up with a few ideas, but we would love to hear from you! Share your ideas with other creatives in East Texas. What have you tried? Did it work? If not, what are some of your ideas? Will you regroup and try again?

Public transportation. I know what you’re thinking…. “It’s East Texas! What public transportation!?!?” Tyler and Longview have a bus system, and many of our bigger city artists get exposure by displaying prints or digital work in city buses, cabs or on roadways. Also consider your local City Chamber’s Office or Municipal building.

A Shopping Center. Whether it is the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler, The Longview Mall, the Lufkin Mall or any mall or shopping center in East Texas, malls provide excellent exposure. If you’re an artist, you can submit a proposal to have your work displayed. If you’re a musician, you can ask to play your music to gain public awareness and put yourself in front of new people. Some venues even allow writers or poets to display vinyl excerpts of their work on walls and windows.

Other Venuses to consider: Churches, University or College Galleries and Spaces, Libraries, Bookstores, Beauty Salons, Architecture Firms, Interior Design Businesses, Law Offices, Convention and Event Centers, Airports and Private Clubs.

Where have you displayed your art? Have you ever played music or recited your work in an unconventional place? Where? Even if it was not in a progressive way, where in East Texas have you had success reaching a new audience? Let us know!

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PLAN AHEAD! Apr 25, 2020

Northeast Texas Writers’ Organization

2020 Time to Write Conference

The Jeffersonian Institute, Jefferson, Texas

PLAN AHEAD! May 2, 2020

3rd Annual Festival of Books

Winnsboro, Texas

PLAN AHEAD! June 12, 2020

East Texas Writing Festival

LeTourneau University Longview, Texas

PLAN AHEAD! July 18, 2020

15th Annual Summer Writing Conference

Tyler Junior College – West Campus Tyler, Texas


Mar 14, 2020

Live & Local: Jazz Connection

Fresh by Brookshires, Tyler, Texas

Mar 21, 2020

Piney Woods Music & Arts Festival

Crockett, Texas

Mar 26, 2020

Old-Time Music and Dulcimer Festival

Museum for East Texas Culture, Palestine, Texas

Mar 28, 2020

9th Annual Mudbugs & Music

Longview Exhibition Center, Longview, Texas


Mar 21, 2020

Dancing with Dinos

Naranjo Museum Spring Gala, Lufkin, Texas

Mar 27, 2020

Puttin’ on the Ritz Square & Round Dance Festival

Henderson Civic Center, Henderson, Texas


May 01, 2020

Rose City Steppers 2020 Linedance Workshop

The Meeting Place, Tyler, Texas


March 12, 2020

Talking Tales

Tyler Public Library, Tyler, Texas

Mar 27, 2020

9 to 5 The Musical

Historic Texas Theatre, Palestine, Texas

Fine Art:

Mar 5 – April 7, 2020

Caldwell Arts Academy Student Exhibition

Gallery Main Street, Downtown Tyler, Texas

March, 2020

Linda Lucas Hardy Solo Exhibit

Winnsboro Center of the Arts, Winnsboro,Texas


April 11, 2020

Van Go Art Fair

Van, Texas

Creative – Fun – Informative:

Mar 6, 2020

Outside the Box Small Business Fair

WorkHub, Tyler, Texas

Mar 7, 2020

Small Quilts, Big Impact – Speaker Donna Mikesch

March 2020 Meeting Tyler Public Library, Tyler, Texas

Mar 21, 2020

Creativity: Building Brain Connections

Champions for Children of Smith, Tyler, Texas

Continue to check back with us each month. As we grow so will the list of events we come in contact with. Together we can make East Texas a fine arts district to rival any metropolitan area.

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  • Julia Dailey

Nurturing CULTURAL DISTRICTS in East Texas! Does your community, town or city have an established cultural district? Many cultural districts across Texas’s metroplexes are thriving, so what can we do to ensure our small town art districts are booming? Here are some things to consider:

1. Arts and cultural initiatives can be easily added to or amplify a city’s developmental growth

and plans.

2. Cultural districts are proven to enhance and diversify communities. 

3. Art and culture programs offer a wide variety of benefits for both public and private entities. 

4. A complex and thriving district cannot be established nor successful without collective


Please read #4 AGAIN! To make an independent and thriving arts and culture district it takes collective support and maintenance. How can we achieve this in East Texas? Nacogdoches, Longview and Edom are a few of several communities in our area fostering creativity on a city-wide scale through festivals, art walks and gallery spaces. Located in Tyler is the Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas, a public charity whose mission is to provide education through after school programs to East Texas’s underserved youth. Is the key to a thriving East Texas wide Cultural District building center similar to Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Seattle or Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland? If so, where do you think this center should be located? What services should it offer? What do you as an East Texas creative need from your community? What does your community offer that you are grateful for? 

Please share a favorite organization, council or group of East Texas creatives that you are involved in on our website, Facebook or Instagram!

Together we can facilitate change, and together we can build a thriving arts and culture district for East Texas. 

Please consider reaching our to us on our website:, Facebook:, or Instagram:!

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PLAN AHEAD! May 2, 2020

3rd Annual Festival of Books

Winnsboro, Texas

PLAN AHEAD! Apr 25, 2020

Northeast Texas Writers’ Organization

2020 Time to Write Conference

The Jeffersonian Institute, Jefferson, Texas

Feb 8, 2020

Write it Out: Authorship 101

Gladewater, Texas

Feb 18, 2020

Between the Lines Journaling Club

Nacogdoches Public Library, Nacogdoches, Texas


Feb 7, 2020

Best of Broadway: Songs of Love

Grace Crossing United Methodist Church

Longview, Texas

Feb 13, 2020

Jazz Jam

ETX Brewing Company, Tyler, Texas

Feb 21, 2020

Rose City Arts and Music Festival

True Vine Brewing Company


Feb 11 or Feb 28, 2020

Longview Dance: Beginner Dance & Open Dancing

Stafford Wellness Center, Longview, Texas

Feb 29, 2020

East Texas PanHellenic Step Show

Louise Herrington Patriot Center

Tyler, Texas


Feb 14, 2020


Tyler Civic Theater, Tyler, Texas

Feb 22, 2020

Playwrighting Workshop

MKW Theatrical Consulting 

Tyler, Texas

Fine Art:

Feb 8, 2020

Arcadia SHOW TRE

Martin Walker, P.C., Downtown Tyler, Texas

Feb 21, 2020

KilGogh Arts Festival

Kilgore, Texas

Creative – Fun – Informative:

Feb 7-9, 2020

Rise of the Machines

Harvey Hall, Tyler, Texas

Feb 22, 2020

Beginner Water Color – Florals

The Crafty Fox

Tyler, Texas

Feb 28, 2020

Melodies of a Golden Age

Liberty Hall, Tyler, Texas

Make sure to check out the Edom Art Emporium for fun 2020 events!

Continue to check back with us each month. As we grow so will the list of events we come in contact with. Together we can make East Texas a fine arts district to rival any metropolitan area. 

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Welsey Berg is a mixed media artist and an Assistant Professor of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Jessica Sanders and I were lucky enough to meet Berg at the Meadows Gallery at UT Tyler last year during the opening of the 33rd Annual International Exhibition, where we fell in love with his work. His mixed media works defy gravity and imagination. We decided he would be an amazing juror for etx creative's one year anniversary event, and luckily, he said yes. I was able to get an interview with him despite the busy holiday season and everyone gearing up for the Spring semester. Read about his unique perspectives on composition, process, community, and persistence. Be sure to attend our event, Drawing a Line from Your Place to Mine this Saturday, January 18th to hear him speak about the exhibition.

What is your background?

I have a BFA from Miami University of Ohio and an MFA from the University of Florida, both degrees in painting and drawing.  I lived in New York City for three years after graduate school and worked as a full-time art preparator at Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea (NYC) and also did freelance art handling at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.  I left New York to pursue artist residencies which took me to lots of places: Vermont, Santa Fe(NM), Finland, Iceland, and Sweden, to name a few.  After deciding I wanted to pursue teaching art, I taught first at the University of Dayton (OH) and then at Stephen F. Austin State University (TX), where I currently teach drawing.

As a beginning artist, how did you pave a way for yourself?

I had a studio space in Gowanus, Brooklyn while working as an art preparator.  It was tough to find time and affordable space to work while living in New York.  The work I made in grad school was large and messy.  With a small space and less time to make work, my drawings got smaller and faster.  I went to see as many exhibitions and art openings as possible while living there.  I got in a few group shows through meeting people, but my biggest concern was the lack of studio time.  I decided to focus on time to create work, which meant leaving New York so that I could live on less money and afford the time to focus on the studio.  My stays at artist residencies allowed for focused time to devote to making work.  I would find a temporary job for a while, save some money, and then go to a residency for a few months.  It was a transient way of life, but it kept the focus on making work.

How would you describe your work?

In the past two years, my work changed drastically from large representational charcoal drawings to small, non-objective watercolor and graphite drawings.  Both bodies of work, however, focus on mark-making and composition -- just in very different ways.  I think about drawing as a direct way of conveying a thought.  My work seems to always happen in a short time frame, like I'm trying to capture that thought before I lose it.  The current body of work uses elements of architecture and design to create small moments that question the space in the composition.  

Can you tell us about the process of making your work?  

I usually begin with a simple mark of graphite or gouache and then add a few other elements based on the gesture of the first mark.  I respond the energy of those marks and place the next marks creating simple tension and balance (or imbalance) of composition.  Line weight is important to me, and I don't redraw marks.  So I basically get one shot at the mark I want.  Sometimes it's a surprise and sometimes it misses.  I've always worked by limiting my materials.  In this case, that limit is graphite and gouache.  

Was there a moment that made you confident to pursue art?

In my first painting class, as a junior, my professor Dana Saulnier told me that I should be a painting major.  Everyone needs some encouragement in their life.  I must have needed it at that time because I took that recommendation to heart and my confidence in art making as a career began to grow.  

Who has influenced you the most?

Another professor of mine, Arnold Mesches.  Mesches was the most passionately focused artist I've ever met.  He had a long life and career in painting, with works shown all over the world and in collections, including the Met.  He accepted nothing but absolute commitment from me and other artists he taught.  He forever changed the way I look at art and being an artist.  

Are you influenced by anyone making art, music, or otherwise now?

I am influenced by a lot of electronic musicians.  Jon Hopkins and Nils Frahm are musical heroes of mine.  I think about their music in very visual ways and often listen while working in the studio.  

What exhibitions are you most proud of being involved in?

I was in an exhibition at the Watermill Center on Long Island.  There, my work shared a space with Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring.  That was a cool moment.  Also, I was very proud of my recent exhibitions here in Nacogdoches, TX and at the PULSE Art Fair, Miami Beach.  Both opportunities involved showing a lot of my new work.  It was exciting to have completely changed my studio direction and then have the chance to exhibit the work. 


What shows are you excited about in 2020?

I have a solo show that just opened at Adah Rose Gallery (D.C).  In 2019 I began showing with Adah Rose, and this is my first solo exhibition with the gallery. 


What are you reading right now?

Upstream by Mary Oliver

Winter by Karl Ove Knausgaard

How does your community affect your work?

I've found myself in various communities over the years -- communities of artists, teachers, booksellers, trail runners, activists, travelers, etc.  Every time I've moved somewhere, I've tried to connect with people who want to do something.  I look for others who want to share, have, and create experiences.  It's so important to bring good energy to whatever community I find myself in.  From that, I get inspired and motivated to share more, create more, and experience more of the world around me.  I used to think making art (for me) was going off on my own and being reclusive.  I suppose I've done plenty of that.  But more and more I see how much the people around me affect my work in such unexpected and meaningful ways.  I hope I have some positive impact in return.


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